About us and F.A.Q

About us :-

Harvest Pictorial Co. Ltd., was originally founded in 1989 to manufacture and market Ireland art-related products.
Harvest Pictorial works with artists in the origination, printing and sale of collections of framed prints and art-related stationary products.
The Company is based in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland.

FAQ :-

Postage Charges:-
There is a once off per order charge for postage of 10 Euro for a single product for delivery to any location. Order 2 products and delivery is free to U.S.A and worldwide. An example of this is for postage to the U.S.A., each single Ireland Art product order is calculated at a 10 Euro postage charge. If you order 2 or more Ireland Art gift products, delivery by registered post is FREE.
Harvest Pictorial deliver to the U.S.A., Europe and worldwide. For orders of 2 or more products/gift items please choose free delivery on check out.

Payment security:-
All payments are handled by PAYPAL, so your payment details are secure. Harvest Pictorial do not see your payment and credit card details as this is handled totally by PAYPAL, who advise us when you have paid for your order so that we may deliver to you.
All the payment information is entered on Paypal secure servers.

Ireland Art Order delivery:-
Harvest Pictorial use registered air mail, to deliver your orders as cost effectively and efficiently as possible. This method is traceable and tracking information can be provided on request.

Ireland Art order Delivery times:-
Ireland – 5 working days, U.K. – 6/7 working days, U.S.A. – 9/10 working days, Rest of the World – 12+ working days

For any questions you may have regarding Harvest Pictorial products, please contact us via the contact page and filling out your contact details and query.